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Welcome to Facebookhackdownload, we’re here to offer you the best quality facebook account hacker on the net. With our tool you are able to hack any Facebook account, whether it be your friends, co-workers, enemies or even your moms. Unlike other similar sites, we don’t charge you hundreds of dollars per account, we’ve given our tool to the public so you could hack any account you wish, completely for free. You are probably here because you are wondering, how the hell would you hack a facebook account? Well, it’s very easy. I personally was searching for a way to hack my friends account for days, with no luck. Most of them were just fake and full of viruses. Then I decided to start learning programming and inspecting facebooks site to find possible exploits/vulnerabilities. Eventually I found a way to get in their SQL database and made a simple program which fetches any users data straight out of facebooks very own database.

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